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Thursday 16. of February 2012

Brand loyalty: Strategies for Australia, national and small businesses

Brand loyalty is more than a means for "marketing" to increase its percentage of market share, it is a strategy to change the dynamic of doing business as these three perspectives on brand loyalty provide.

Thursday 23. of June 2011

Soul Brands connect on a deeper level

Truth has integrity. When we hear it, we know and respond to it on a deeper level of our being.

Brands, products and ideas such as Virgin, Apple, and Google are driven from a deeper truth captured within their business. This...

Sunday 08. of May 2011

When trust becomes a brand issue

Even though The United States still represents a massive consumer market, brand USA is losing one of its greatest intangible assets…trust.

Wednesday 23. of March 2011

The Hero's Journey

Imagination and dreams seem to come of nowhere. They deliver a hint of a new way things could be and then leave you, knowing the difference...

Thursday 04. of February 2010

Is Toyota heading for a Nike style esteem crash?

In the 90's Nike felt the sway of public opinion turn against them for using slave labour to make their shoes. Toyota may have just as big a esteem crash looming, as information comes to light that toyota executives had reports...

Wednesday 13. of May 2009

Emotional reporting can influence your advertising

The emotion your customer experiences will effect the influence of your advertising.

Thursday 12. of February 2009

Find your story and win more business

Discover your story. It will allow you to engage the imagination (and emotion) of your marketplace.



Thursday 13. of November 2008

Can Obama save Brand America?

From the land which gave us Gordon Gecko and “Greed was good”, brand "America" has suffered one hell of an esteem crash.

Monday 08. of September 2008

A Rose by any other name

Was Shakespeare right about names, or does the market tell us another story.

Saturday 12. of July 2008

The power of Marketypes on Share Price

Was NAB's failing performance in the stock market linked just linked to performance or a hidden factor of influence. We believe the latter.

Monday 02. of June 2008

Personal Brands

The rules of influence apply just as much to personal brands as they do company brands. So if you are a consultant, personality or a CEO, this article is for you.

Wednesday 23. of April 2008

A Stack of Meaning

What separates us from animals has everything to do with our abilities to manage complex social relationships and how we should market.

Monday 17. of March 2008

Increasing the Mojo in your Brand

Neuroscientists have entered into the marketing landscape and with their Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology and have made some startling discoveries to do with marketing vs the lasting power of true influence.

Wednesday 13. of February 2008

Six degrees of separation

What they didnt tell you about that study and its application to business.

Thursday 10. of January 2008

Automatic influencers win or lose sales

The principle of contrast

Saturday 22. of December 2007

What holds more influence the "Message" or the "Messenger"?

Can you increase the likelihood of people saying "yes" to your offering, just by choosing the right kind of messenger?

Friday 21. of December 2007

104 Power Words that increase the influence of your written communication

When Leo Burnett back in 60's, analysed 62 of his biggest advertising flops he was to discover the factor that still affects the influence of emails, websites and letters today.

Thursday 13. of December 2007

CEO...a new brand of influence

The super CEO is like any other super brands. They have succeeded in creating the influence that we accord the likes of super brands like Mercedes or McDonalds.

Remember the day that Jack Welch announced his resignation from GE,...