"From start up to a million dollar
company in our first year. Our image,
paved the way for our success.
The influence achieved by Evers
had us preferred even over
our major competitor,
a "listed" corporate."
Tony De Marco, Director, 
Wallstreet Group.


Hundreds of brands use the Maluma Principle to improve market acceptance

We know that names influence. We have research to prove numbers like 400% on the impact a name can have on attractiveness. However, the wrong kind of brand can also deter someone from buying your product or service. It is called the “Maluma Effect” and happens when the brand or logo doesn't correspond to the way we subconsciously "hear" the brand name.

When a brand, mark or logo corresponds to our automatic and unconscious expectations, we trust the business or product it represents. When it doesn't, we shy away from it,  often without realising why. (Also see Evers the Report on "Unconscious Motivators" for more on this matter.)

Create the right name and brand from Day ONE

Evers uncovered a method that could reveal the "trust factors" that needs to be present in any brand, mark or logo for the name to be acceptable to the wider marketplace. We proved it by creating and launching over 200 brands using this principal, to complete market success every time.

Evers MetaBrand DNA™ workshop uses the NLP method of “trans derivational searching” (TDS), to reveal the colour, shape, etc inherent in any brand name for it to gain maximum trust. The concise report and recommendations has the added benefit of taking hours out of the design time because the design brief becomes clear and concise.

The MetaBrand DNA process also allows merging businesses to reach agreement on the most appropriate name for their market. We can cut through emotions to reveal the most market effective ordering for the interests of the new concern.

After having their brand optimised or recreated, clients report increases in sales from 30 to 100% with many testifying a new ease in doing business. (see our testimonials).)

The MetaBrand DNA™ takes the guesswork out of developing a brandmark of influence for your business or agency.