“I started making changes the very next day.”—Michael Jordon, Innovative Design and Construction, North Bendigo

“Brilliant, food for thought.”— Jennifer Hogan, Connecting Cultures, Junortoun

“It was mind blowing.”—Helen Chambers, Lyndale Park Meats, Marong

“You got me thinking deeper about my real place in the market...and that’s just what needed to happen.”—Jim Boyer, Business Coach, Bendigo

“Thanks for a great day, so much to consider.”—Edwynna & Brad Adams, Malmaison, Castlemaine

“Full of information, very enjoyable.”—Debbie Valeri. Lavinia Cosmetics, Melbourne

“Very thought provoking”—Jeff Kraak. M&R Printer Solutions, Echuca




One day that could change a whole year

If you were a golfer and wanted to improve your game, getting the inside scoop from masters like Tiger Woods or Greg Norman would be amazing. Imagine if you could spend even one day with them.

Why should it be any different for you in your business? You want to learn from others so you don't make the same mistakes and can fast track your business instead.

The Spinach Test

Evers became privvy to private, global study of 6000 super brands across 49 countries that uncovered four "influence factors" that all successful brands shared regardless of country or origin. Each of these success factors allowed them to become “A Major Brand of Influence”.

To prove it, for the past 10 years, we used these four principles in developing the brands of hundreds of businesses. The good news is that each of these four principles can be applied to any size businesses, to improve not only their brand, but their marketing and sales as well.

Because of our experience, we were then able to create a workshop called THE SPINACH TEST that allowed any business to identify, improve and manage each of these success factors for themselves.

When you undertake The Spinach Test, you will be surprised at what gets revealed as we sift and separate the influence hidden in every business, great or small. There is plenty of discussion, working with each other and loads of insights to take away.

Small sizes only - 8 businesses per workshop. Cost is $450 per person, plus GST, if applicable.

Contact us today to book your seat at a Spinach Test workshop near you.