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MetaBrand approach to Brand Development and Market Rollout

"Prior to RMS engaging Evers we invested a lot of time and money in expanding our customer base. Yet, in spite of this, we were constantly being asked who we were and what we did. Our people went to extraordinary lengths to experiment with different market approaches.

In retrospect, I now believe we were actually turning customers off by the image we portrayed. We wasted thousands of dollars without even considering the cost of all the lost opportunities.

Now, with the new Influence Blueprint developed by Evers, RMS has a complete image foundation that the staff have identified with internally and, consequently, have confidently taken it into the marketplace. We don't get asked who we are and what we do anymore.

It has made selling easier, and our sales and marketing functions smoother! We have a cohesive image and consistent message, and my people no longer waste time trying to re-invent who we are. RMS is now considered a professional organisation.

We enjoy market trust and respect, and business follows as a matter of course. Our market share has been steadily increasing and, with our new acceptance into overseas markets, RMS is now set to go to a new level of international business development. I now know that developing our Influence Blueprint was as vital to RMS as developing our product offering.

If you haven't developed the influence side of your business, I recommend that the sooner you do this, the better. The ongoing cost of missed opportunities is more critical to your business moving forward, than your investment in creating your Influence Blueprint. RMS now has the "market muscle" to grow our business both here and internationally.

We¹re on target for exponential growth in the next 18 months."—Peter Buttigieg, CEO, RMS.


Market Influence (Brand DNA and Marketype)

“I have always sought the best advice from the best lawyers, the best accountants. That is why I chose Evers.”—Ralph Plarre, Joint CEO, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.


Consulting and Repositioning

"Monika your work is sensational very unique and definitely an intelligent way to analyse and grow influence."—Robert Rooker, CEO, Alliance Paper Products.


Brand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

We are branded for life...and it’s all due to you. thank you.

Let us explain. We felt it important to write and share our experience with you...and the tremendous results we have gained as a consequence of your efforts.

We always knew we had something special to take to market...however, found it

increasingly frustrating in communicating it accordingly. With your help and more specifically your passion to see us achieve our life purpose, we have been able to move from mediocrity to significance. We NOW have a tangible product offer that is understood. We sincerely recommend you and your combined genius

You took Breakthrough from boiled lollies to chocolate and are responsible for the massive growth we experienced immediately after the relaunch”—Gary Schuller, CEO, Breakthrough Events International.


MetaBrand approach to Brand Development and Market Rollout

"The Repositioning double our revenue in 18 months and gave us the kind of credibility that placed us in the top 10 businesses in our industry..."—Brett McCall, CEO McCall Security.


Rebrand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

"Opened doors that had been closed for 5 years..."—Anthony LeBransky, CEO Henry Bells.


Rename, Rebrand and Positioning using MetaBrand Processes

"Yesterday we had a business based on how we sold. Today its about difference, collaboration, perception and then selling...the marriage.

Evers is all about empathy and understanding what the person wants to do with their business. Their processes created the means for us to clear off the weaknesses in our organisation to give us more strength.

They created an image going forward based on who we are, where we want to be and our point of difference using creativity, vision and inspiration.

Business isn’t about that generally. Its about planning, targets, finance, sales and managing change. Image is left of centre. Yet, when you get the two going together and work with people who can commercially relate to both sides and bring them together, that is a strength."—Chris Purbrick, CEO, Vialogic.


New brand and positioning using MetaBrand Processes

"This branding combined with our client focussed style has contributed to Keelins doubling in size in our first 2 years trade.."—Jeremy Feiglin, CEO Keelins Lawyers.


Brand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

“From our partnership, I feel that my own happiness and understanding of how my business really presents is a vital component of all my dealings with Evers. Together we have explored the soul of Kazari, and business is proceeding very satisfactorily.”—Jo Maindonald, Director, Kazari


New Brand using MetaBrand Processes

“As a result of their workshops we were able to agree on an executive level the vision and direction by which we wanted to be perceived through our identity. The Evers team were able to translate our requirements to an image that has received across the board acceptance”. —Mr Kenoll Wilson, Managing Director, World IT.


Corporate Identity and Positioning

“RMAX originally approached Evers with some broad strategic goals about the corporate image of our business.

Some twelve months later we now see our identity considerably enhanced from both a creative  and strategic direction with appropriate guidelines in place and substantial evidence that the Evers process has been successful.

We recouped the costs of the initial repositioning within the first 6 months of our partnership.”—Glenn Houson, Sales/Marketing Manager: RMAX.


New Brand and marketing materials using MetaBrand Processes

"Sunshine brings light, warmth, life, new vision and excitement in spirit. Going through the creating, branding, and marketing of Fatherhood Life has been this experience for me."—Richard Yiap, CEO, Fatherhood Life.


New Brand and Market Positioning using MetaBrand Processes

Year 1: Start up to turnover of $1.2M."Our image, predetermined our success. The Market perception achieved by Evers placed us above our major competitor, a "listed" corporate."—Tony De Marco, Director, Wallstreet Group.


Rebrand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

“Customer perception has increased and our reputation has grown since we announced ourselves with our complete new image. Most importantly this has and is still translating to bottom line results.”—Darren Saffin, Director, The Ultimate Gift Experience.


Marketing and Consulting

“After launching Nobby Kitchens into the Victorian market, we successfully rose to become the third largest kitchen company within the first nine months of operation. This outcome is a direct result of the Evers involvement in the marketing of Nobby Kitchens from the very start.”—Steve Williams, Director, Nobby Kitchens Victoria.


Brand and Positioning using MetaBrand Processes

"Within 5 to 7 meetings, we created the logo, corporate values and elements that will become a part of corporate history in Australia"—John Shulz, CEO Huon Corporation.


Brand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

"The acceptance has been 100%, instantly recognisable, clear, conveys authority and expertise. It has given us instant credibility. We are perceived as more professional, no one questions our authority, even to people who have never met us before. We find it quite remarkable, it makes business so much easier to conduct".—Craig Thornton, Director, Complete Relocations.


Brand DNA and Marketype

“You make the invisible, visible”Steven Plarre, Ferguson Plarre Bakeries.


New Brand and Positioning using MetaBrand Processes

"Monika Evers' your brand development process is profound.

What I have now discovered is that there is great strength and clarity gained from properly understanding my vision, values, market positioning, purpose and brand DNA.

This has resulted in a laser beam focus for our business and demystified our marketing direction." —Michael Buckley Switch Fitness  March 20, 2008


Brand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

“Before you spend another marketing dollar, I would make it a priority to explore how you could increase your business influence with Monika Evers. It’s a must do for every CEO and business owner.”—Murray Collier, international adviser to CEOs.


On our Website

"I am always impressed with your web site and the information you give so freely; the comparison between Coke and Pepsi was fascinating; Pepsi sure have got an uphill battle! I see a spirit of excellence in your work much like Daniel had - "Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm" (Daniel 6:3) In these times of deception, lies and cheating an excellent spirit is just what is needed. The result will always bring glory to God and blessing to you - this is confirmed in Proverbs 22:29 - "Do you see a man [woman] who excels in his [her] work? He [she] will stand before kings; He [she] will not stand before unknown men" - that's you Monika!"

Be blessed in your walk and your work,"—Peter Fitzgerald, Speaker.



Brand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

I thought I understood influence on the internet - I was wrong.  Monika's insight on the workings of the net and SEO has given our company the knowledge of how the internet really works.  We now have the tools and skills to influence effectively online. This shift in understanding has allowed us to make simple changes to our website so that we can reach our target audience.  Measuring the results from our web marketing is no longer subjective - it has become a science.  Our website has become a powerful showroom and we are receiving enquiries from all parts of the world.—Matthew Synnes, Director, Acoustic Vision


Influence Consulting

"Thank you for all your assistance and valuable insight. It has helped me to increase sales of my DVD and I was very impressed with your professionalism, dedication and considerable knowledge, all of which has helped me on the road to achieving my goal."  —Andrew Darbyshire, Speaker, http://www.AndrewDarbyshire.Com


Brand and Repositioning using MetaBrand Processes

“I wanted to get more leads from our web site, but I just didn’t know what more could be done.

Evers not only revealed how we were selling our services short, but exactly what we needed to change and add, to turn that around. It was surprising stuff I have never come across before and it was all relatively simple to implement.

The results speak for themselves; the value of new business generated during the first 12 week period was equal to 71% of the total sales for the previous year and some orders exceeded the average sale value by over 500%. And there’s still more sales yet to be realised from the leads generated during that period.

This has had a significant impact on the bottom line which is already up by well over 100% on the previous year. Best of all, in these tough times we are hiring because we have become too busy” John Blackburn said “I am even too busy to implement the last bits on the web site.”—John Blackburn, Director, ACME Test and tagging,


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