“Before you spend another
marketing dollar, I would make
it a priority to explore how you
could increase your business
influence with Monika Evers.
It’s a must do for every
CEO and business owner.”
Murray Collier,
International adviser to CEOs.
Collier Group of Companies

"Evers... Brand Specialist"—The AGE

Monika Evers is the principal consultant. She has consulted for hundreds of CEO's and directors on their brands and market influence and is considered a "brand specialist".

During her 20 year career, she and her teams have been responsible for the re-engineering the influence of over 200 businesses, government and semi-government departments, organisations and personal brands.

Apart from an extensive design and brand experience, Monika is also trained in a number of values and transformation modalities: NLP; Dip Shamanism; WOM; MBTI.

Her understanding of the unconscious, values and beliefs underpins her unique MetaBrand System® of processes and strategies in brand, influence and loyalty.

Her articles on the subject of brands values, brand loyalty and market influence have been published internationally and her opinions regularly appear on industry websites of brand professionals.

Her evaluations on brand mergers have appeared on Page 1 of the Business Age and has been acknowledged as a "brand specialist" by the Age Newspaper.

Monika's expertise in brand and market influence extends to one day public trainings in brand and brand loyalty, generating market IP, strategic communications advice and brand consultations. She regularly speaks on her speciality, "The Anatomy of Business Influence".

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