"The repositioning doubled
our revenue in 18 months and
gave us the kind of credibility
that placed us in the top 10
businesses in our industry..."
Brett McCall, CEO
McCall Security.

How we became specialists in brands and influence

In the nineties, our consultancy researched hundreds of CEO's and business owners to spearhead a unique market approach. The results of that study proved to be a watershed in our thinking about brand building and our industry. It caused us to draw 'a line in the sand' and choose "be effective" as our driver...over industry standards, current practices, awards, even profit. What our choice created was a quest to uncover, master and maximise the true nature of influence on everyday business.

Initially, our consultancy became known for developing identities that could generate instant market appeal. We learned how to use the unconscious building blocks of brand like-ability from our studies into Neuro Linguistic Processing (NLP).

In time, our practice also expanded into strategic positioning and values-based personality modelling. Brands, we also discovered, lived in the land of values and beliefs and as neuroscience went into marketing, we filled in more of the dots to understanding and harnessing that elusive quality of 'brand loyalty' by using value sets.

"Business is business" was not, as we discovered, the appropriate axiom to ensuring business continuance. It certainly was the fastest way to cheat your business out of your brands true potential. We accumulated case study after case study where undermining the brand and its influence by focusing on principles of economic rationalism, cost market share, devalued its share price, stymied growth and in some extreme cases lost the business itself. We became advocates for valuing the brand and were dubbed "brand specialists" by "The Age" newspaper, quoting our insights to mergers on Page 1 of the business section.

This consultancy has a speciality in understanding and mobilising the eight faces of brand that underpin brand loyalty.

The processes we use are unique to this practice and represent our years of experience in "being effective" in increasing the influence of brands. See our testimonials.


Recommended reading on brands and influence:

While these books represent just the tip of the iceberg of our readings, they will provide a good foundation to anyone interested in the mechanics of influence.

Buyology - Martin Lindström - The behavourial mechanics of consumer behaviour and brands using studies in neuroscience.

The Hero and the Outlaw - Pearson & Myss - The influence of archetypes as hidden market forces.

The Emotional Life of your BrainRichard J Davidson - Understanding emotional fingerprints.

A Theory of Everything - Ken Wilbur - An integrated model of consciousness development from the personal to organisations and countries.

Presence - Peter Senge/C, Otto Scharmer - Visions that influenced and transformed organisations and nations and an introduction into "U" theory.

The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell - Insights to the factors that cause social epidemics.

Influence Science and Practice - Robert Cialdini - Research and insights into ethical compliance (saying yes)

No Logo - Naomi Klein. - Case studies in brand devaluations.

Primal BrandingPatrick Hanlon - Hidden factors in creating brand advocates.

EmergenceSteven Johnson - The collective intelligence of groups.

The Presence of the PastRupert Sheldrake - Morphic resonance of group minds.

A Different DrumScott M Peck - Building a different type of community.