“You make the invisible, visible”

Steven Plarre, CEO
Fergusson Plarre Bakehouses.

The Hero's Journey has been recognised as a myth in every culture. Understand its significance to people and you can transform your power to influence and communicate

Imagination, visions and dreams seem to come out of nowhere. They deliver a hint of a new way things could be and then leave you knowing the difference...

This is always the start of any Hero’s Journey and it is sneaky, because if you have a shred of belief or entrepreneurial spirit, you now have to make a choice. Do you respond to this flash of insight or not?

Answering the call of The Hero's Journey

Life and business is full of people who answered the call of their dreams and imagination. They are all on a journey, the “Hero’s Journey” and as Joseph Campbell found out, it is like a human operating system that steers us to maturation as social beings in every cultural group.

Every story starts at the beginning. The Hero lives his life in innocence. Where, "life is good, life is today, life is now". Then something happens in their world to change all of that. Either it's from a person they may want to be like, a call from God or a great idea awakens something dormant inside of them...something they know is their call to destiny.

Our Hero decides to go on a journey of exploration, not committing to anything, but simply wanting to know a little more. What they have learned in the past becomes no longer enough. They might even find someone who has been on this journey before, someone they trust. It is also a choice point. Do they take the journey and commit to it, or do they go back to their old life?

For those who choose to proceed, just how to get this dream or idea to work is the goal, until they find their first client, team or supporter. This spurs on the Hero into full commitment. Their actions are to achieve more sales. more clients or more success.

And so life continues until...he faces the final challenge. This is the test for every hero. It could be that a rival comes into the picture, cash flow issues, key staff leaving... or lack of resources. The challenge may seem insurmountable. Our Hero is knocked from his perch. It is a challenge of the spirit, for NOT overcoming this will take him back to the start of his journey, back into hiding, back into not realising his vision.

The secret, he will discover, will be found from something new, with a little help and sacrifice from another. The wisdom gained guides our Hero into transforming his current circumstances into a new approach, a new lease of life, that he can then take back into society. As a result of overcoming and transforming this adversity, he becomes the "one" and claims his birthright.

Joseph Campbell found that The Hero’s Journey is in the cultural myths of all peoples. The personalities (values sets) contained in the journey are known to us all so intimately that each personality or value set has cultural significance to us.

Put in another way, each personality is emotionally charged with a set of values that people know intimately. They respond to these sets of values and place their loyalty accordingly, with what they buy, where they work and who they trust.

Recently Shalom Schwartz published an exciting body of Work "Value Priorities and Behaviour" and identified 10 values or personality sets that were almost perfectly aligned to the archetypes within the Hero's Journey. His study proved the predictive nature of values sets. Single values such as truth, achievement, order...change depending on the culture and failed to deliver predictability and market certainty as the overarching personality sets.

Application to business

The Hero's Journey delivers us the means to understand human values sets and a new approach to harnessing markets, growing cultures and designing brands.

Owning the right MarketypeTM set of values, adds a level of influence to your brand that is as palpable as it is authentic. Positioning then becomes even more compelling and targetted. Culture is steeped in the value set of the organisation and not dispersed amongst individual interpretations. It also ensures your systems deliver on your market promises.

Our staff are values specialists and through our processes will map the values of your leader, your organisation and your competitors to inform you of the opportunities that can be harnessed by your brand.

Unfortunately there is no room for two of the same Marketypes in any industry. So it really is a case of "first in best dressed!"