“After using Evers to launch into the Victorian market, Nobby Kitchens rose quickly to become the third largest kitchen company within the first nine months of operation.”
Steven Williams, Director
Nobby Kitchens.

Price and what makes you special may fuel my interest, but connect to my values and you will inspire my loyalty and financial commitment

Whether the face of your business is your website, the signage on the street, your latest sales offering, your people, the CEO, delivery department or your latest TV campaign... the job description of your image is to connect with people and be remembered through your brand.

Your brand is more than a logo, it is the heart, speak and character of your organisation. It needs to be clear and present in everything you do and say.

Your brand should assist you to:

1. Stand apart from your competition and create unity from within your organisation;

2. Engage people to become customers and inspire trust in sales and marketing efforts;

3. Connect with your customers and create a relationship that simply ignores competition.

We specialise in creating brands that mobilise loyalty. That places us somewhere between an innovation, marketing and a behavourial change organisation, which is required when developing brand and loyalty.

Loyalty is more about harnessing the value sets that drive behaviour, consciously and unconsciously and finding the right mechanisms to express your brand rather than just relying on clever marketing gimmicks and buy-lines.

Values research across the world from all different cultures keeps identifying the same 10 to 12 motivating set of values behind people choosing who they will vote for, what team they will support, what kind of cars, books, clothes... they will buy. These sets can skew markets and predict behaviour.

It is well known that Ray Crock the founder of McDonalds set out to create his customer loyalty from his system rather than any individual or location. The brand and the operations manual were refined together.

We have developed an influence practice model, the MetaBrand™System. It is our 'tried and tested' system of workshops and processes that we use to improve brands and their market influence. They were developed from our 10+ years working with hundreds of companies in a range of industries.

Because brand loyalty is what every business needs to understand, manage and protect, as an introduction to our services you can view our 90 minute presentation on "the Anatomy of Business Influence". It provides insights on brand loyalty and market influence; why some approaches are just doomed to fail and others fly; along with ways you can immediately improve your impact with customers and clients.

Explore the potential of using your brand to grow your business, contact Evers today.