“I have always sought
the best advice from
the best lawyers,
the best accountants...
that is why I chose Evers.”

Ralph Plarre, Joint CEO,
Fergusson Plarre Bakehouses.


Your corporate social responsibility policy could change the world, deliver credibility as well an asset to your bottom line

Help the people of Colombia take the leap from drugs to being caretakers of an ECO paradise. Assist the Monobo tribe in the Philippines to fund their orphanage and build a much-needed hospital and adopt one of the oldest trees in the world in the process. Or maybe you would prefer to do something local and impact aborigines in Western Australia? You could be affecting the lives of millions of people across the world just by choosing the right Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy for your brand.

As first world nations we are moving into bio-accountability. What we abuse we must make right, what we pollute we must cleanse. The heart of being green is really about leaving the world, at a minimum, the same as we found it.

Australian companies are being encouraged to go green. Our government is taxing us as an incentive to lower our energy we are changing over our lights, our cars and our energy sources; we are off-setting our carbon emissions when we fly and buying carbon credits for our cars. Going green has literally spawned an entire new industry as we head off on this new wave of innovation.

Using our CSR is still a brand issue. No one can afford the damage to their brand by being connected to the wrong project. Even Government Departments are not immune to this damage, as Peter Garrett discovered when the insulation scheme he backed caused house fires and damaged his personal brand as well as his portfolio.

To create a safe option for first world business to consider, the United Nations has created a new direction for CSR investment. These fundable projects assist indigenous people across the world to grow and develop in a more bio-accountable way. These projects are termed REDD+ projects which restore or keep the biosphere intact and still allow the locals to develop.  (An Australian company is leading the world in these fundable REDD+ certified projects.)

With projects such as these, you can make a real impact and also gain an asset on your balance sheet. Quite apart from the goodwill you can draw to your brand from your CSR policy.

Greening your brand doesn't need to be a cost to you or the planet. Ask us how.