As a result of your processes
we were able to agree on an
executive level the vision and direction
by which we wanted to be perceived
through our identity. 
The Evers team were able to
translate our requirements
to an image that has received
across the board acceptance”.
Managing Director World IT
—Mr Kenoll Wilson

For businesses, brands or people that want to find their market niche

Some brands are so extraordinary that they become like Coke®, preferred by consumers universally, even over taste. Other brands squander millions of marketing dollars without adding to their overall brand appeal.

MarketypesTM bring some real understanding to the generation of this massive market appeal. It all has to do with hidden marketplace undercurrents that work to connect you to your customer…or not.

This process is essential for businesses or rising brands that still find themselves in a commodity marketplace. By commodity I mean you are lumped together with everyone else in that field. It is only when people attach some emotional appeal to you, that you can make that transition to a real brand and out of the price comparisons that effect everyone in commodity based markets.

The Hero's Journey is a myth that is present in all cultures. We can all relate to it. We understand the characters and the qualities of the various personalities. It is also a map to our mass consciousness that we can explore when building the personality into our brands and market communications.

There are 13 marketypes and 85 sub marketypes that arise out of the work of myth king, Joseph Campbell. Adopting the right marketype can assist us to connect on a deeper level to our marketplace. Making it easier to be recognised, trusted and remembered, because of this unconscious familiarity.

Marketypes are values based. They should also be aligned to the values of your organisation to prevent esteem crashes and brand damage.

Aligning the values.

The values of your organisation live in the stories of your organisation. They are the stories that your staff tell each other and how new people learn about "the way things are done around here".

It is also in the stories that you tell your marketplace through your websites, your people and your advertising. It is what gets remembered and retold as a result.

Once you uncover the stories of your organisation, together we are able to align a particular marketype as a suitable vehicle for your organisation's brand, internal and market communications.

A competitor analysis approached in the same way, can cross-reference your competitors allowing you to understand where the gaps are in the marketplace, that could be owned by your brand.

Those who grasp what is revealed in this understanding, can increase their business influence, market dominance and sales, ethically and rapidly.

Because Monika Evers is an experienced practitioner in the areas of values and also brand development, this becomes a unique offering of Evers.

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