"Within 12 weeks the value
of web business had risen 
500% both on size and quality
of the inquiries and the
size of our average sales.

This has had a significant
impact on the bottom
line of the business which
is now up 40% as well.
John Blackburn

Assessments in market influence

Imagine if, like John, you could increase the size of your sales by five hundred percent and grow your bottom-line by forty percent just from implementing our recommendations.

While we can't guarantee this degree of improvement for every business we do find many businesses go to market with only two cylinders firing as far as their influence drivers are concerned.

Influence assessments evaluate your influence effectiveness through your business image, website, sales materials, market campaigns and sales proposals. Our reports are ideal for people in small business, managers or agencies.

Engage Evers in this type of strategic consultation either in person or by phone. You can then implement our recommendations straight away or in your own timeframe, using your people and resources. Alternatively you may also choose to engage Evers and their associates to oversee your brand or influence makeover.

Improve the effectiveness of your existing brand, website, client proposals, sales materials and loyalty campaigns. Grow your influence and sales.

Call me direct. Monika Evers  0418 377 077. Intl: +61 418 377 077 and book your assessment.