When I started using my brand in Twitter
I became the 8th most subscribed
personal brand in Australia under
our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd just one month!
I am amazed at the influence
I  get as a result of my personal brand.
It has opened more doors and made
easier to conduct.
Thank you again.
Joe Matthew 
aka “seo-joe”



Joe moved up to be the fifth most followed personal brand in Australia

Anyone can dye their hair blue to stand out...Your personal brand needs to be far more than just a new hairdo and the look of the current fashion season. it should be an extension of you, true to your values and authentic to endure. You need to find that point of difference from within to stand out and apart.

Your personal brand positions you in the minds of your market, allowing them to understand what makes you different and how you can benefit them and others.

This is what draws new opportunities to you and positions you for new business opportunities and income growth. You can then leverage this position to become the expert in your field or a trusted authority and so be recognised and praised by your peers.

Your personal brand must also carry the stamp of your values into everything you say and do. Allowing you to make the decisions that reflect what is important to you. This will cause you to attract and build relationships with like-minded people, that in turn expose you to new circles and causes you can champion and be linked with.

Finally, your personal brand needs to reflect your purpose and why you are here. With this you can enrol others into your cause and create that destiny you were meant to fulfill.


The power of The Octagon Room for CEO, speakers, authors, consultants, entertainers

Make no mistake about it, building your personal brand is a journey that may be at times exciting, exhilarating as well as confronting.

Just as there are eight faces to the octagon room, there are are eight aspects to considering your brand and brand loyalty. Each aspect is like a mirror delivering a new perspective and reflection on brand “you”.

Let’s face it, we are all complex human beings with years of life experience. We need to sift through each differing aspect of ourselves to find the gold that adds the intrinsic value into our brand.

There are many aspects of you to consider. From the physical "you", to the "you" in your community with all of your hopes, ambitions and dreams. The gold is to be found in all of your aspects. That is why we create the Octagon Room for you, so week by week or fortnight by fortnight you can uncover and harness a new and different aspect to your personal brand.

Your personal brand is the most interesting journey you can take and the most powerful asset you could ever create for yourself.

What else could double your income, increase your enjoyment at work and fit deep within you ...for the rest of your life.