“It’s valuing the value,
behind the brand, that
I have taken through
the business and now live.”
Brett McCall, CEO,
McCall Security

Sometimes no matter how hard we just isn't enough. It's life as Popeye experienced it before he ate that legendary can of Spinach. Imagine if you could have a can like that? Just what needs to be in it, can be determined from the Spinach Test.

Discover what is working and not working in the way you approach your market thinking and learn from research of 6000 brands across 49 countries.

If you were a golfer you know you could improve your game by getting the inside scoop from masters like Tiger Woods or Greg Norman. That's exactly what the Evers Spinach Test allows you to do for your brand and your business.

Ten plus years in the influence business plus private study of 6000 super-brands across 49 countries revealed just a handful of success factors that will allow any brand to transform their success in the market and maintain their position there.

Each success factor relates how those brands managed their market influence. What we uncovered after hundreds of these workshops on different sized businesses, is that it doesn't matter if you have been in business a long time or just starting out. These insights had CEO's, partnerships and owners implementing changes the very next day.

So, are you asking what are these factors...? We are not going to tell you here. Evers found from years of working with clients, that just handing over the details wasn’t enough to make any real impact to understanding or implementing that information. As a result, Evers developed a unique process called “The Spinach Test”, where clients could, first uncover, understand and then implement those changes into their market influence.

The Spinach Test is a Transformation workshop that enables Directors and their staff to identify, improve and manage each of the success factors identified in this workshop.

Brett McCall, CEO of McCall Security (quoted) went on to double his turnover in 18 months from mastering the approach detailed in the Spinach Test.

Evers conducts these Spinach Test workshops regularly both on-site with marketing and sales teams of individual businesses and in public as group workshops.