"..I have now discovered
is that there is great strength
and clarity gained from properly
understanding my vision, values,
market positioning, purpose
and brand DNA.
This has resulted in a laser beam
focus for our business..."
Michael Buckley
Switch Fitness

Great organisations like people are driven with passion and purpose

"Where there is no vision, the people perish". A vision galvanises people into a shared action, but just how can you keep it alive in a growing organsation?. That is a brand issue.

Depression is often said to be the result of a person going against what they know is their true potential. So is failing morale, in either staff or a leader, an indicator that a business is failing to meet its potential according to its crew. It is a values conflict of what you say and promise, to what you deliver and do.

You don't have to get it right, you don't even have to be perfect, but you do have to find something that compels you into being and brings the soul back into your business that can be captured and harnessed by your brand.

Soul brands connect on a deeper level is another article on this subject. Check it out. It talks about how countries have reoriented themselves to go in new directions. using compelling visions.

Evers Vision and Purpose processes use the latest in transformation processes. With origins in U theory, they are designed to bring the inspiration back into leadership, organisations and life.  They can be conducted one-on-one or with teams. They will change the way you think and feel in your workplace.

When you align your external market character (MarketypeTM) with the drivers of your business, you can generate and retain customers and their esteem faster and longer.